Monday, June 20, 2011

Photo 365: 172-178

Hi all! I hope you guys had a great week. We had a pretty nice week. Though, Legion Baseball season has started so Steve has games 3 times a week and a double header on the weekends so I'm pretty much not seeing him a lot which is a major bummer. But maybe that'll give me some time to get some crafts done that I've been itching to do. Also, Happy Father's day to all those father's & soon to be father's & single mom's doing both jobs! I hope you all had wonderful days :)

My week in pictures.

Day 172

The gazebo I built with the help of the neighbors last weekend. I like it. But it is kinda big & does take up a lot of the patio.

Day 173

I got this at the wine festival I went to in April. It's amazing. If you ever get the chance to try any wine from this vineyard I highly recommend it.

Day 174

Not Buddy's favorite thing in the world.

Day 175
Pretty flowers.

Day 176

I run like a girl. Try to keep up.

Day 177

I was waiting at a light and saw these flowers & thought they were pretty.
So I took a picture. Because you can never have too many pictures of pretty flowers.

Day 178

The men on Father's Day talking about the beer festival they'll be going to as a gift for our dads. Steve lucked out on this gift cause he gets to go too :)

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