Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flower power!

I decided to re-do our flower beds. For like the third time.

Because I can't make up my mind apparently.

That and because my flowers keep dying. But these ones are surviving. Even with the recent heat wave we've been having. It also apparently helps that we haven't gotten any super heavy rains that beat up my flowers.

We had this killer weed problem going on out front so I spent some serious time out there with roundup and pulled those suckers out. After I did that Steve and I went to the store and picked up some dirt, mulch and flowers.

Steve was very excited that I decided to take on this project. And that I made the decision while he was out for the day so that I pretty much just suckered him in to it when he got home. But he knows how to make his lady happy: give her what she wants haha

We dug holes, planted flowers, filled the bed with new dirt and mulch, and also removed the rocks. That was Steve's request. He didn't really like them and I didn't really care either way so we removed them all. Now at least our front bed and the neighbors look like they're connected. Which they are ;)

We only had the energy to do the front beds this day so I did the back beds a few days later when Steve was at baseball. When we did the patio we had filled the back that is up against the house with sand. Which was a great idea when we needed to keep the patio stones from moving. Not such a fun idea when I had to remove all that sand to make way for the dirt.

The back took me MUCH less time. Mostly because our patio sits higher up than the ground so I didn't have to dig as deep and I filled in the beds with dirt and mulch to hopefully curb the weeds. Which I am actually convinced that dirt people put in their dirt bags so that you have to buy weed killer. Whatever.

Either way, I'm really fond of our back beds. I think they make the back look much more complete.

And yes, I realize that there is a little bit of a spacing difference between these two but I planted the first ones before I got to the side of the house with the spigot and dryer vent. So I just left them spaced this way. They aren't perennials so I'll get to replace them next year and fix the spacing then.

I think this is probably going to be one of my favorite things to keep up with at the house.

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