Tuesday, August 2, 2011

millions of peaches....

....peaches for me!

and mom & dad.

We went peach picking at Hartland Orchard. I was supposed to be working, but they were heading out my way to pick some peaches. And that totally sounded way more fun than working. On a Saturday. I loaded Buddy and a ton of water in to the car and we headed out to meet the 'rents. It was hot as all get out that Saturday, but that most definitely didn't deter us from spending plenty of time out in it. Buddy probably wouldn't have minded being at home...but he always enjoys a car ride and with one that produces his grandpa is even better in his book ;)

Grandpa loves his grandpuppy.

I so very kindly let mom & dad do lots of the work while I took the pictures ;) Not really...I did my fair share - I filled up my own basket - but I did take lots of pictures.

The trees were pretty picked clean. Which was a bummer especially since we called and they told us they had a ton. And that was only an hour before we got there. But we did manage to get plenty to split between us.

At this point Buddy was hot and probably a little worn out from all the walking.

But he never minds posing with his mama.
...actually I think it took like 3 tries to get this picture lol...

It is gorgeous out here.

This place had some really pretty views.

Just taking photos of the scenery.

The orchard also had some really nice blueberries so we picked a bunch while we were at it. They made really nice additions to my cereal in the morning.... and also to some pancakes I whipped up :)

At this point all Buddy wanted was shade. Which there was not much of while we were picking blueberries like there was when we were surrounded by peach trees.

We hung out at the cars and ate some snacks after we were all finished and before we parted ways to head home. It was nice to find some shade...even if it was from my car lol

I thought this was cool. It was on the corner of the road off the main street. I wish I had the chance to get a better picture...but we were leaving and I thought my mom would yell at me if she saw me hop out of the car to take a picture of it haha

We had a really fun time and I'm definitely looking forward to going back. And also doing some apple picking this fall. After all...I do live in apple country ;)

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