Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You might have noticed

....that I took a little bit of a break. It's not that I haven't had anything to blog about. Or time. I just don't even know. We took a vacation at the beginning of August and I tried to spend much time vacationing and not so much time computer-ing. And then I had so much I wanted to say but work got in the way. And then it just went downhill from there. I'll try to go back and blog about all the things I wanted to say for the last oh...2 months... but some things will just be forgotten about because that shit happens sometimes.

So if there is anyone left that actually reads this thanks for sticking around. Sorry to have been quiet for so long but I'm back and I'm going to seriously try to be a better blogger from now on.


  1. It's okay, you're not a bad blogger. Bloggers need breaks, and lots of rest. You'll get back on the blogging wagon soon enough. I'm still a loyal reader here. HUGS!!!

  2. I was wondering where you were :)