Friday, September 30, 2011

Basement cleaning.

We have had an excessive amount of boxes in our basement. I unpacked most of our stuff, but some of the stuff will actually go in the basement when it's finished and other stuff I use but I don't have room for (in the kitchen).

I finally decided that I would get a shelf and unpack all of our kitchen stuff so I can use it without having to dig through boxes to find stuff when I need it.

After digging through several boxes and deciding what actually to keep and what I would get rid of the misc. kitchen stuff that I use but don't use all the time has a new home!

Sometime during my cleaning spree Buddy discovered my hidden box of toys in the basement. He's got so many toys that I decided when we moved to keep some in a box so that when he needed a new toy I could just grab one from the basement instead of buying new toys.

He spent most of the day trying to get in to that box. There is now a big hole in two corners of the box because he was so intent in getting in to it. He didn't and now we have to keep the basement door closed all the time. But that's ok. Though I'm not sure what we're going to do once we finish the basement and I can't hide that box anymore.

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