Thursday, September 29, 2011

I have to brag on my brother for a second

Because he is doing AMAZING.

Yeah. Amazing. In prison. It happens.

Not long after he got inside he learned that he could go to school once he got to the prison. Unfortunately for him, because of some of his charges, he was unable to do that. It was a really hard blow for him. He had decided he would get a college education. Which is something he had never expressed interest in. He wanted to better himself. He didn't want to end up back there and he knew he'd need an education if only to show people that he used his time wisely and rehabilitated himself. After a few years and some adjustments in his facility and his security level he was finally able to take some classes. And he decided on plumbing. He did HVAC in high school so this was a new skill.

He's been taking classes for the past few months and they recently ended. He had to take a test at the end of his class to get a certificate of completion. Neither one of us have ever been good test takers. Ever. Even if we know the stuff cold. We just don't do well. And he's always struggled more than I have. He studied his ass off but didn't come away from the test with a good feeling. He was kind of bummed out but knew he could just continue taking the class/test until he passed so that's what he would do. Turns out? My brother kicked that tests ass and he passed it on the first try!! He was SO proud of himself. He called that day to tell me. I don't think I've heard him this happy in a long time. It was so good to hear him feel so good about himself. And to know that he had actually turned this in to something good for him. In a way. I mean of course he'd rather have taken the class outside, but at least he did something good with his time. His teacher thought he did such a good job that he's letting him help out with the next class. He was pretty excited about that too. And who wouldn't. They don't let just anyone do that kind of stuff in there.

On top of all that. He is teaching himself a language. Well, two. Because my brother is an overachiever all of a sudden. He's doing really well. I mean I guess he's doing well because I can't remember much of the Spanish I learned in high school nor do I know Russian so I can't say for certain but I think he's doing alright.

Most times people don't have the ability to better themselves in prison. And a lot of times once they get out they end up right back inside. I'm really hopeful that my brother will be a success story.

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