Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photo 365: 245-254

A birthday pup. Sunny days. New shoes. Enjoying the last days of summer.

Day 245

Painting flower pots. For a project that took way too long to accomplish lol.

Day 246

My dog is so spoiled he has an entire box of toys in the basement. And then he found them.

Day 247

Walking with the pup.

Day 248

I have no idea what these are. But they were everywhere.

Day 249


Day 250

Birthday puppy. And he's not pleased about that hat.

Day 251

Cute new Sperrys. And for only $10.

Day 252


Day 253

Chiminea. Should make the patio more comfortable in the fall.

Day 254

BBQ. I'm going to miss bbq-ing when the winter comes.

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