Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am alive

It has come to my attention…or more like brought to my attention by a friend of mine that I maybe have been a little (lot!) of a slacker. Again. Not that that should really be surprising because it seems like every time I get caught up I fall off the face of the planet again. I really enjoy blogging, so I don’t know why I always take these long breaks but I do.

Actually. I know exactly why I took such a long break this time. I got a new computer and was having some trouble with my pictures and the posts I had lined up needed pictures and it was just annoying so instead of trying I just gave up. (Because who wants to put in effort in to things?! Apparently the answer is not me. Which is so very lame.) See, I basically use my iPhone as my point and shoot camera and when I had a Windows computer and I plugged my phone it it would pop up a little folder so I could actually grab my pictures off my phone and organize them the way I wanted in order to post blog posts. And then I got my shiny new Mac and Mac + iPhone =/= user friendly for Carrie. Which, to me, is silly. When I plug my phone into the computer it doesn’t pop up a little folder window. Sure, it puts my pictures straight into my photo stream but I can’t do anything else with them. It is annoying. Until like a week ago when my husband figured out how to get the Mac to do what I wanted it to do. There might have been some drama on my part in the fashion of “I hate this stupid computer, I don’t know why people pay so much money for these dumb things, they’re not better than Windows, I shouldn’t have to research how to use a stupid computer” LOTS OF DRAMA! Apparently (or not…mostly not) I can be slightly dramatic. Who knew?! (me. I knew. I definitely knew).

Hm. What else. Oh yeah well my 101 list officially came to an end (in November.) I guess that’s another reason why I kind of just quit blogging. I had some things to blog about for my list, but it was ending soon and I just wasn’t sure where this little blog would go.

So there you have it. I am dramatic. And I am actually (still) not quite sold on that Mac computer. I have no clue where this blog is headed. BUT I BLOGGED! Be proud. BE SO PROUD!

I hope you didn’t miss me too much. Well, actually I hope you missed me a ton because that means I’m super missable! (which I totally am!)

End. Random. Post.

Also, it should be noted that I have to do so many of these "catch up" posts that I made a category for it. That I just remembered about when I was setting this up. That's a sign.


  1. Welcome back!! Everyone deserves a blogging vacation...it's back to business as usual with the new year. I think I'm still on lazy vacation mode...blogging at least twice a week is my mini goal. Three times a week would be money.