Monday, June 25, 2012

Bedding. Oh the bedding!

Bedding is probably the first thing I want to get. Because with bedding comes colors and then a possible theme. I don't really want a theme-y room because I want her to be able to grow in to it and not be stuck with princesses or whatever. Plus, I've never really been theme-y and our house is basically themed around colors and not specific things. Except my wine kitchen. Because, well, wine. So for baby girl I'm looking at more patterned and colored bedding vs something with a really girly theme.

I am really liking this pink and green bedding. It's not overly pink or overly green in my opinion and I think the circles are easy to work with.

I like this one because it has the yellow in it because when we painted our kitchen we had selected a yellow for the sun room part, but then decided to just go green all the way around, so now we have two gallons of yellow just...there and it's not a bright yellow so it might be nice in the baby's room. With pink accents. Duh.

I have a thing with circles apparently. But they're just so easy to work with I think. Or they might not be. I have no idea. 

And then there is this brown/pink option. A little darker brown but that's not a bad thing. Still girly, but not overly girly. And I like the wall especially. Maybe I can convince my husband we need to do this wainscoating in her room.... doubtful, but maybe!

So there you have it.  I'm leaning towards a more muted wall color so it's not overly bright and painful on the eyes. And perhaps that'll be easier to work with. I have no idea really. I'm just winging it...

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