Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nursery ideas

Since last Friday when we found out that we're having a sweet baby girl I've had images of pink nurseries going through my head. I've been pinning and pinning everything I come across that I even remotely like. I figured I'd share my thoughts here. I usually only like one or two things from a certain idea so who knows what this girl's room will actually turn out to look like.

I have been seeing a lot of tree's on walls. And I really like it, but I'd like to do something like this so it's not just a decoration, but it can be functional too...

But I do have a couple shelves that my dad made me years ago, that hung in my room for a very long time so I might want to pass those on because they are kind of kid like and don't really go in any other room in our home. (He carved bears in to them, which would be adorable for a baby's room) And they are a darker stain so they definitely wouldn't look good with this white tree. And I want to do darker furniture because...well, for no reason other than I like dark stained furniture haha.

I really think this tree is cute....especially with the name in the middle

If I thought Steve would seriously let me paint her room this pink I would be all over it. It's really bright and I'd probably get sick of it sooner rather than later but it just looks so...girl...

I also am really fond of that tree. I like that it's not all white so there's that. 

This is probably my most favorite tree.

So there's my love affair with trees. I've got plenty more ideas brewing but for now the only thing I've really settled on is that there will be girly pink in this room. And possibly a tree.

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