Friday, July 27, 2012

Nursery Set

We've been taking our sweet time this summer getting ready for baby girl. We're excited, but between some travel we had, Steve's baseball, and life in general we just haven't had much time to do anything. Plus we're still working on our basement so the guest room (nursery) isn't cleared out so it isn't like we have an actual space to start her room.

My parents offered to buy us the nursery furniture which is a HUGE help for us! That stuff can get expensive! Mom and I decided we'd go do some browsing this coming Saturday but I was over there for dinner and hanging out on Tuesday and we checked some stuff out online so we could get an idea for where we wanted to go on Saturday. I found a set I really liked so we decided we'd definitely head to Babies-R-Us to see if they had it in store. The whole set was fairly reasonable price wise but I wasn't sure if we really needed the changing table so we were leaning towards just having a crib and dresser and maybe adding the changing table later if we decided we really wanted it. And if we had the room in her room because those rooms are kind of small.

On Wednesday I decided to read some reviews on the BRU site about the set just to see what other people were saying and I realized they were having a pretty incredible sale that day! The set was marked down over $100 so I called my mom because the sale was only for that day and only for a couple hours. The reviews were good and I talked with Steve and he liked it and was ok with the set as long as it was real wood (it is) and as long as it was good (it is - as far as we can tell, it's got 4 out of 5 stars on the site and all the reviews seem really good so we're comfortable with that. Plus, we can return it if we decide we don't like it!!)

So. We have furniture! We were going to have it all shipped to our house but the shipping was outrageous! It basically negated all the savings we were getting so we decided on store pick up. Unfortunately, only the dresser was available for store pick up but it turns out that was the much heavier piece and was the reason for the outrageous shipping price. So the crib and changer will be here sometime next week (according to UPS the changer will be here by end of day Monday and the crib by end of day Tuesday). We'll pick up the dresser from my parents this weekend and then by next week we'll actually have her whole bedroom set in our possession!

Now if only we had a clean room to put it all in haha... oh well, one step at a time right?!

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