Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best birthday present ever!

On 11/23/09 Steven and I put a contract down on a house!!!!!!! We’re building our first home! I am so excited!!!!! Excited to get into OUR home, a home that actually belongs to us and not a home we’re renting from someone else or his parent’s basement.

We went Sunday 11/22 to look at this house. A couple friends of ours had mentioned they were building a house and it was a really awesome house at a really great price. It peaked our interest and we checked them out online. We definitely liked what we saw online so we decided to go see them in person. We went out there and LOVED it! We weren’t making a decision that day because we wanted to think about it, talk it over just the two of us and get the opinions of both of our parents. They both loved it and were very excited for us. We had told the guy that we’d come back the next day (so that we’d be in the row that was getting ready to be built and in the house Spring 2010 – that and he threw in a washer and dryer for us!).

Margot and Mel came with us on Monday because they wanted to see the model. We asked Margot to go because we really wanted an adult that had actually bought a house and read a contract to go since we’ve never done it. She was a HUGE help when it came to asking questions we would have never thought of and recommending things based on her experience with having a house built. It was great and I’m so glad she came with us!

I filled out a bunch of paperwork, signed my name a million times, and made more decisions on cabinets and railings and siding color than I ever thought possible. OMG. There are a ton of choices when it comes to things like cabinets and siding and countertops and railing. I didn’t realize it. And we’re still going to have to go pick out our floors and what not. I’m super excited though because it really will be our house – from the floor to the ceiling they are our choices and our decisions.

We have pictures of the model that we’ll be sharing as well as ALL the progress on the house. For now, the lot is just a bunch of dirt but in a few months it’ll be our home!

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