Wednesday, January 6, 2010

27 - Go to the dentist.

I am pretty excited to be crossing this one off my list. Not because I hate the dentist or anything, but because it has seriously been 5 years since I have been. I know. That is so bad. I used to go twice a year and then my parents insurance dropped me (stupid getting older!), I got insurance with TC but couldn't go to my dentist and didn't want a new one, then at DI I never had the time, and now at MCD I have the time, I still can't go to my dentist (although I'm too embarrassed to go back to her now!), and the dentist I found is literally across the street from where I live.

So I made an appointment on the 4th and they were actually able to get me in on the 6th. I was shocked. So soon? Oh my stomach, my nerves. 5 years was a long time. What horrible things had I done to my teeth. I sucked it up and took that appointment knowing full well there was no way to do anything to "improve" my mouth before I got there. Sigh.

So the day comes. Dentist day. Not a day I was ever scared of until now. My stomach was in knots ALL day. I can do this. Or so say the ladies at work.

I go. I fill out the paperwork. I shamefully put down that the last time I had been to a dentist was 5 years ago. I wait. They call me back and I can hear the lecture now. I talked to the hygienist about why I haven't been and she said that was a fairly common excuse and that people usually come back because they have a problem. Well, I didn't think I had any problems but I just wanted to come back to get my mouth clean (plus I quit smoking and wanted a cleaning). She took some x-rays of the mouth. I silently prayed they would turn out ok. Then it was time to open wide and have a look. Ah!! Turns out. She pokes around, does some scraping, and is surprised at how AWESOME my mouth is after 5 years. That's right folks, I am awesome and so is my mouth. No cavities, no problems, no nothing.


and I'll be back in 6 months so I don't have to fear the dentist again!

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  1. Call and ask the nearest dental office if payments in instalments are accepted, than go and pay by cash, or cheque; if necessary pay the whole amount by a credit card. Also, the dental schools allow their students to practise under supervision and the patients get the low cost treatments. Good luck.