Thursday, January 7, 2010

Check out our dirt :)

So WAY back in November I promised pictures of the progress of our house. As we all know I am a slightly sucky blogger. I'll admit it and even go to meetings if necessary ;) Either way, as promised, I am providing pictures of our dirt....exciting stuff. I'm throwing in a couple of the model because I'm so generous :)


Blizzard 2009. Our dirt covered in snow.

Upstairs living room....there will be a downstairs one when the basement is eventually finished

1/2 of the kitchen, the other 1/2 is a little nook for our table.

The sun room! (see the kitchen table off to the side near the island?)

1/2 of the Master Bedroom

One of the other bedrooms upstairs. This is the bigger of the two and will be the guest room and the other will be the office.

This ladies and gents is our house. Well, close to it anyway. We will not have french doors in the sunroom because mr. pocketbook will not allow it but one day I will have those. Especially because you will walk out from our sunroom to the backyard and I like the look of the french doors. Alas, I couldn't convince the wallet ;)

I am very excited about our house. We get to buy real, grown-up furniture and that excites me. Yes, we had furniture from our other house and what we cannot afford to replace right away we will not but there are some things that we just must replace before we move. Don't worry I will stop sucking at my blog and keep you posted on those purchases :)

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