Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am not a fan of snow!

Or the salt that comes with it. My poor, pretty car was FILTHY. I was tired of waiting for the rain to come wash away all the salt, and Friday the line at the car wash was super short (we’re talking no one in it!) so I ran the car through the wash. It looks SO much better now that all that salt is gone. I also figured that since I was getting the outside clean, I might as well clean the inside (#82 – clean out car). I do love that I am not a complete pig and that my car generally stays fairly clean which is why I don’t clean it out once a month like I had intended with this list. Plus, it is cold outside so there is no way I’m busting out my car cleaning supplies to get a really good clean on the inside so a wipe down here and there will have to do until the weather warms up.

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