Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I didn’t blog about in February cause I forgot.

So yeah I forgot. I blame the hair color. No wait, I do that when I’m being ditzy. Can I blame old age even though I’m not old? Nah probably not. So in the words of my father, I’ve got sometimers. Sometimes I forget things.

#7 – Write George
It’s hard to create an entire post about writing my brother a letter. I did it. End of post. I mean it’s not like I’m going to tell you all what I say so why tell you about it at all. If it weren’t for this list I probably wouldn’t. This time I sent him pictures of the snow we got. Cliché I know, but it’s what I had. He can see the snow where he is and he even had to walk outside in it to get to food, but I think it looks different on prison grounds than it does in a backyard. Plus, I sent him pictures of the snow we had to shovel at my parent’s house. This snow made me miss him a lot. It sent me down memory lane to the last time we had a ton of snow like this and we built a snow fort in the front yard. Those were the days. The carefree days when we had no real responsibilities and could be childlike and play in the snow. We talk almost every week so coming up with something new to say in a letter is hard. A lot of times I’ll write him and he’ll call a couple days later and I’ll end up telling him what’s in the letter I just sent because I have nothing else to say! I put this on my list for 2 reasons – 1) so that I will write him more because I often forget since we talk so often and 2) so that he will, at the very least, receive 1 letter from me a month even if there isn’t really anything of importance in them it is still like a hug from home.

#34 – Floss daily for 2 months
I have never been a consistent flosser. I floss on a semi-regular basis and always a couple times a week but not every single day. So in January when I decided I would go to the dentist I also decided I’d make a better effort to floss It isn’t that hard and it doesn’t take a lot of time so why not just do it. Plus, I have those awesome little flossers. (I really like those btw). I will say for not being a consistent flosser the dentist did not even ask me if I flossed so I guess that whatever I was doing worked, but either way I wanted this to be something I did every day. Now here we are mid-March and I’m still an flosser. I guess 2 months was just enough for me to create a habit – although I really think it only took a few months because I a little bit forgot that part of the reason I started it was to check #34 off my list (although the reason that it was on the list in the first place was so that I would floss every day) And now I have happy gums.

#98- Find something positive in each day
I was doing this every single day when I first started my 101 list. I’m not sure why I stopped but I know I stopped sometime over the summer. Perhaps it was our busy schedule or the fact that I couldn’t blog at work on lunch like I used to. I’m not really sure what halted this item, but either way I stopped for a while. Now I’m back to it. I forgot how much I like it. It really makes me think and truly find at least 1 positive thing in each and every day. I find I have better days now that I’m thinking about having positive days.

February Positives -
1. Jillian Michaels is not kidding. But in a good way.
2. Baby shower shopping.
3. 4WD
4. Happy birthday daddy
5. Margaritas at the neighbors to forget about the snow.
6. Snowmageddon 2010.
7. getting out even if its to shovel and watch football
8. Happy birthday Nana. Miss you <3
9. a godo day at work
10. working from home. Happy birthday Pete.
11. dinner out
12. LLLL fundraiser. wing factory. seeing old friends.
13. wing night X2, out with friends X2. awesome.
14. valentines day with my husband
15. back to the office. and yes, I was excited.
16. seeing old friends and catching up.
17. jewelry party
18. after a busy week, a night in.
19. 6 years with Steven. dinner, cosmic bowling, bar, 7-11 trip like old times.
20. sleeping in, tupperware, hanging out, Apollo Ohno
21. scrapbooking honeymoon :)
22. relaxing night with the hubs
23. physical fitness
24. my brothers voice
25. backstage at 930 club
26. backstage x2, ATAL x2.
27. baby shower & a night with friends
28. a nice long nap.

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