Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been running for the last few weeks. I'm a runner, I love to run. I ran track in high school and I was fast. Not super fast, but I was fast and did well in my events. I was a sprinter and not so good with anything longer than a 400 meter dash. Though my longest race was only 200 meters. We generally did a few laps (maybe a mile, I can't really remember) to warm up and I know that I ran a LOT during practice because well, duh, that was our thing.

Lately, I've been running a mile loop in the neighborhood. I wasn't sure how I'd do the first time out for a few reasons. 1) I'd been years since I'd actually ran. Like ran-ran and not just a little running on the treadmill during a whole lot of walking. and 2) I was never a long distance runner and my mile times weren't awesome but they were in the 7 minute range. and 3) my knee/legs/back. I wasn't sure they'd be up for it.

My first time out I did not die. Success. It was a 12 minute mile. ::gulp:: Though I was prepared for a double digit time because I wasn't trying to push myself too hard because of the lower half of my body. Ya know, the really important parts when it comes to running. But I did it. And I ran the WHOLE way. I was really proud of myself. So I decided I could do it again...and again...and again.

I quickly got my time down but have been stuck on a little over 10 minutes. Around 10:30. Not terrible, but still I knew I could do better. I knew I could at least run a single digit mile. And I was DETERMINED to do so. But again, not pushing myself too hard. These legs of mine are testy and I really can't afford to take any big chances given my history. I really wanted to just beat that 10 minute mark. And weeks have been going by and I haven't been able to yet.

Until today.


I ran a mile in 9:54.

Whatever. It is still under 10 minutes. I feel accomplished and I know that I can, slowly, get down to more than 6 seconds under 10 minutes. But for today, I ran a mile in under 10 minutes and I feel great about it.

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