Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home is where the stuff is.

In it’s place. Where it is supposed to be.

Because I’m OCD like that.

This isn’t another sappy I’m home and I love it post (but I am, and I do). This is a show off post. WE’VE DECORATED!! At least the main floor. The top floor, well it’s partly done and I’ve only got a few things left to hang. But someone, no names mentioned, has yet to unpack his clothes. So our room is not for showing off yet. And our computer room. Same basic scenario. I have unpacked most of my stuff. I can’t unpack a few things because the shelves to my bookcase have somehow disappeared between my in-laws house and our house. My guess? The moving truck ate them. Whatever. I need a new one, but that’s not happening right now so all the boxes that need to be offloaded onto that bookcase are IN the bookcase. At least it’s clean. The other boxes I need to unpack? In the closet. DUH. Steve did not get to the office fast enough to be able to hid his crap, but I did. So my side looks all nice and put together while his looks like a clusterfuck of boxes while mine hide away in the closet. Or ya know, the guest bedroom. Who’s door is not to be opened under any circumstance at this point. Mostly for safety reasons, because you can NOT walk in there, but also because it is an entire room of clusterfuck. Soon. I will get to that soon. (really, as soon as I get some storage for all my scrapbooking stuff so it can be released from its tomb of guest room….and closet…whatever I have a lot of stuff).

Anyway, so enough about how most of our house is disastrous (notice I left out the basement all together. On purpose). So back to the presentable floors.

Our kitchen. Is freaking AMAZING. It is so open and I love that. Plus, with that sunroom bump-out it is very roomy. We got all of our furniture arranged pretty much off the bat. I had spent the weekend between closing and moving unpacking all of our dishes, cooking stuff, food, etc. But the walls. Were so bare. And the bar. So very empty because I was too lazy to unpack the boxes (yes, plural) of liquor and wine. Whatever. I could just as easily get them out of the box as I could the bar. But I finally got around to unpacking the bar and putting it all together and making it look like a bar and not a random piece of furniture that held boxes. SURPRISE! That’s a bar! And we finally got around to hanging pictures. AND IT LOOKS FREAKING AMAZING. We have not painted because the builder will be doing a 120-day walk-through and fixing anything that needs fixing (that we did not do ourselves….like the couple extra holes we’ve got under one of our pictures because that wall? NOT STRAIGHT. WTF.)

The kitchen part. Most of the decorations here are on the counter. The clock above the sink? Doesn't work. It is literally just for decoration. But that's ok, since we have a clock on the microwave and stove I think we'll be able to tell the time ;)

The dining area and part of the sunroom (bar side). I'm just going to say that, in this picture, the walls look a little cluttered. But, in real life, it doesn't look so bad. I'm not sure what that's about. It might be because in real life, the walls, bigger than they appear. But I'm happy with the way it turned out.

The other side of the sunroom. Which apparently is bare as shit compared to the wall on the other side of the room. Maybe I need to do something about that. Again, in real life, this room looks amazing though. And eventually we'll be getting curtains for the windows and something for the sliding glass door.

See? Beautiful kitchen. It is wonderful for entertaining. Just ask our wonderful neighbors.

And now on to our living room. It is also awesomely decorated. These decorations we have had since our days at the Townhouse. We love them so – and they took us FOREVER to agree on – so we’re keeping them for a while. Plus, they go well. And the walls in this room? All straight.

(house looks different with stuff in it huh? totally.)
This is the view from the stairs. I'm so glad we didn't end up getting the bay window on this wall because I don't know where the hell we would have put our TV!

Back wall. With the bathroom and the stairs up. If you don't like the way the candles are hung there on either side of the bathroom door then Steve decided that. If you love them, then of course, I decided that ;)

Again. No painting in this room. One day. But not until at least next year.

And I never knew how much I loved my box bay window (which I don't have a great picture of right now...). Why? Oh that’s because it’s been full of boxes since we moved. I love it. I really do. And I’m getting a small table that I can put some picture frames on because my shelves? Do not match my living room decorations. And I do not have a finished basement or enough hallway space to show off my gorgeous family and friends. Which is a TOTAL bummer for me. But that guest room I referenced up there? Oh yeah, it’s getting some awesome shelves here pretty soon. (well, not pretty soon because I wouldn’t want to kid myself haha).

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