Monday, September 6, 2010

Picture this.

(how's about my lame-o blog title. I'm cool with my lameness though)

Part of my list is to take a good picture of Steven and I at least once a month. That is not a terrible task for me. Though sometimes I forget. Shocking right? I'm always armed with a camera in one way or another (my Nikon, my point and shoot, or my phone). And yet I forget. I probably should have made an item about taking more pictures of myself because the one downfall of always being behind the camera is that you are rarely in front of the camera. Ah well. Anyway, here's our good picture (#3) for the month of August.

Aren't we so cute? I think so. And this picture, tragically, makes Steven's head look huge. That's what he gets for not leaning back a little ;)

And then, for something extra, a picture of my awesomely cute parents. I really hope that when we've been married for 31 years we can still be happy and funny together.

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