Friday, September 10, 2010

What am I? Chopped Liver?

Not really. I don’t think I’m chopped liver. But it was a catchy title to talk about how I actually tried chopped liver.

I know right. Me? Chopped liver. Didn’t see that one coming did ya? Me either. We had Rosh Hashanah dinner the other night at my in-laws house. It was a really nice dinner, but there was a new “side” on the menu. One I had no intention of trying. Yes, even though I’m trying to go out of my way to try new things chopped liver did not sound like something I wanted to venture to try.

Well, we sat down to dinner. Had our soup, and then they dished out this chopped liver to those that wanted it. I voted no. Steve totally voted yes. And while he’s over there eating away throwing it on bread and crackers he looks at me and says “just try it.” Nah. I’ll pass. He finally did get me to try it, but I did not get to try it on bread or crackers. He just shoved a fork-full in my mouth.

WHAT THE HELL. No bread. No crackers. NOTHING. Just a full mouth of chopped liver. Like he’s not even eating it plain and he thought it would be an awesome idea for me too? I’m still working on that boy.

It wasn’t too bad, but it definitely wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever eaten. It was more onion-y than I had expected. The texture was definitely weird, which attributes to me not liking it really. I think if it didn’t have such a funny texture I might be ok with eating it because I like onions. It did leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth, but I think that could be fixed by putting it on something like a cracker.

Overall. It wasn’t terrible. I probably won’t eat it again, but that’s ok. At least I tried it once.

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