Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 11 — Something you don’t leave the house without.

CHAPSTICK! Hello. Anyone that knows me knows I do not go anywhere without chapstick. My Carmex how I love thee. I’ve always had dry lips. Because sometimes I bite them. But I always have a chapstick with me. One in my purse. One on my key ring. One next to the bed. In the bathroom. In the living room. On my desk at the office. Wherever I frequent you can probably find a chapstick nearby. If we’re hanging out at the house (like a party or something) I’ll probably have it in my pocket. It could probably be classified under slight obsession. But I’m ok with that. Because I’ve always got soft, non-chapped lips.

Well, it's that and my camera. It's either on my phone, my point and shoot or my DSLR. But I always have a camera in some form or fashion. I love taking pictures. Of what we're doing or something cool I see. But I love to have those photo memories. I have lots of photos. So many that I've filled 1 external hard drive and am working on another. But I don't regret them. I cherish them. And I scrapbook them. So that they aren't just on the computer. So that I can see them laid out in a story.

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