Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 12 — Nicknames you have; why do you have them

I don’t have many nicknames. There’s the normal shortening of my name to Care. WHICH I HATE. Just in case anyone was wondering. Because to me Care is a word, not a nickname. Like you care about something, or someone, or whatever. But it’s not my name. And it makes me cringe when people shorten my name to that. So really if you want to get under my skin go ahead and call me Care.

A few people in my life middle name me and go with Carrie Ann. I’m ok with that. I love my name and I think it sounds southern.

One of my friends calls me Carebear. And only one. He’s been my friend since pre-school and he’s called me that ever since. He’s pretty much the only one that’s allowed to do that.

My work nickname, and probably my favorite one of all. Snapple. Yes, like the drink. This is a funny story which is why I chose to do this “about me.”

I worked with this girl, L, and one day we were doing something and I was chest beating about how I was so awesome and quite frankly, made from the best stuff on earth. Al la Snapple. She thought that was so funny, but went on to say she was Checkmark. Like from the General Mills commercial – she was the right choice. She even went as far as to print off a little piece of paper with Snapple on it to cover my first name on my name plate outside my cube. So I, in turn, printed one out with Checkmark on it. And we were then Checkmark and Snapple. Eventually, our graphics guy printed out “official” nameplates that said Snapple lastname and Checkmark lastname because our ghetto ones were just that. Ghetto. She has since left, but I do still refer to her as Checkmark and I’m pretty widely known around the office as Snapple. I’ve had to explain that story a couple times. And one day someone even asked me why my parents named me Snapple. Like my parents were hippy people that would actually name their kid Snapple. That was funny, and he definitely did say that he was glad my name wasn’t actually Snapple because it was kind of a silly name. Someone got Snapple confused and called me Skittles. Equally as funny, but I’m sticking with Snapple.

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