Friday, December 17, 2010

Another catch all catch up? That’s like a theme here. But really it had a lot to do with the fact that I spent November telling you guys all about me. So I’m catching up for November, but I do have a couple of December posts that I need to get too as well and hopefully I’ll get to them faster than this month seems to be moving! Seriously. I cannot believe it will be 2011 in just a few short weeks. Cuh-razy!

I got new glasses (#26) even though I didn’t really need, need them right. I have an astigmatism so life for me is a little blurry, even though my prescription is pretty much non-existent and I can actually see without my glasses (and I can read, work on the computer, walk without bumping in to things, etc.) it is just easier with them. And my astigmatism isn’t that bad really and I barely even notice it when my glasses are off unless I am tired. And really I don’t actually need to wear my glasses all the time or even most of the time but I used to leave them laying around when I first got them because I only wore them when I was reading/on the computer/driving so I decided that on my face where I could always “see” them is the best so I don’t lose them or leave them somewhere (like home) and not realize it until it is too late (like I’m at work). Anyway, that was a long rambling of things so back to my original point. My company was modifying our insurance and mine was changing because I moved out of the Kaiser area so I couldn’t have it anymore. But the benefits for glasses were pretty awesome for Kaiser so I decided I might as well use them before I lose them. So I got an eye exam – my overall prescription didn’t change but my astigmatism in my left eye did though not enough to really need new glasses (according to the doc) but whatever I was already committed to getting new glasses so that’s what I was going to do. So I walked around and searched through their selection and found a pair I liked. The frames were $100 (which was what my benefits covered for frames so I got those for free (I didn’t do that on purpose, they were just what I really liked). They covered $150 for lenses and I get the kind that have anti-glare and anti-scratch and anti-anything that could be bad or whatever else is good for someone that spends all day on a computer. My total for a brand new pair of glasses? $64. What up. I was actually figuring I’d end up with about 1/2 off my lenses because my tastes always tend to steer towards expensive even though my wallet is never a fan of that. So I was all proud of myself that I accidentally got a really great deal. And then I still had most all of my glasses budget which was a total bonus.

Either way, here’s me with my new glasses. They’re purple and totally cute. I like them. But I might also be getting contacts. I’m not so sure about that one, I haven’t really made a decision. I didn’t like my glasses at first when I originally got them because after 20-some years it was weird to have glasses on my face, but now after only a few years with them it’s weird to have a “naked face.”

Also this month, I backed up my pictures (#18) out of fear of my computer crashing for the last time. I got a new computer. The other one was pretty much biting the dust and it was getting to the point that when I took out the USB adapter of my wireless mouse it would restart my computer. I’m no computer expert but that’s not right. And neither is my computer just restarting itself or shutting itself down for no apparent reason. So yeah, new computer for me. I’ll still keep backing up my pictures because I’m neurotic like that and would be devastated if I lost them all, but I won’t be doing it every single time I empty my camera like I have been lately.

And finally, I made some meatloaf this month for my make a meal (#35). I’ve already made this recipe for this blog so I’m not going to blog about it again (you can find it here). I just wanted to point out that in my original recipe it calls for 2/4 of sauce and tomatoes. UM HELLO. 2/4?! Yeah that’s 1/2. AND it calls for 2/4 of something twice. TWICE. I don’t know why I never caught that before. Or why I caught it this time. But this time it definitely jumped out at me. And I felt like a doo-doo bird when I realize that I was reading the recipe from my blog. I had put 2/4 on my blog. Like I couldn’t figure out basic math from elementary school where 2/4 equals 1/2. I found it funny so I just wanted to share it (and also document the fact that I made a meal in the month of November…which I actually do more often, but I’m now only really documenting the one’s I use a recipe for since making some spaghetti using a jar of sauce doesn’t quite seem fitting enough to include on here ha.)

So that’s November in a nut shell. Hope you guys had a great November!


  1. Loving the glasses. I've had OK eyes up to this point, but I feel some things losing their sharpness, so I might have to book an appointment soon.

  2. I fought it when my eyes started to go bad, but once I got the glasses I realized how nice it was to see clearly!