Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm sorry what?!?!

Christmas Eve is a WEEK from TODAY?

Um. What. The. Hell.

When did that happen? Where did the time go? It was JUST December 1st. For real. And I am SO not even close to being done shopping. For my husband. Everyone else? Done. My husband? Not so much. Why? Oh that's partly his fault. He'll say something along the lines of "I want new slippers. But not these slippers. I'll find some online and send you the link so you can buy them." That's so sweet of him. EXCEPT he does not send the link. And then when I say something like "You are not getting jack shit if you do not get your ass in gear and tell me what you want" he says "ok, I'll look online later and send you a link." My darling husband is getting a pair of jeans he picked out and 1 other thing. Because that's all I can come up with. He wanted a movie. YES! He bought that movie. What the hell. And then he says it's like the only movie he wants. Great. Just great.

I mean. I haven't been all that great with the list of gifts. But I have given him some ideas. Most of the time he is just really good about shopping for me. And most of the time I'm really good at shopping for him. But this year? Not so much. I think it has something to do with the fact that Hanukkah was SO early this year. I mean my mother-in-law already took her decorations down. And so we shopped for the inlaws already. And my parents because I was already at it and I knew what I was getting them. And then I was all smug about how I only had to shop for Steve and that would be so easy. And then creative went out the dang window. And now here I sit with a week between me and Christmas wondering where the time went and how I'm going to get my shopping finished for the man that doesn't want anything but buys himself the things he wants right before Christmas. Gah.

In unrelated news? In about 2 weeks I can officially say my brother comes home next year. We're going to see him this weekend. At his new facility. That is so huge they use a PRISON BUS to shuttle the visitors (me!!) from the main building to the building for visits. So stay tuned for that. Because it's me, my mom, a 6-7 hour (round trip) car ride, and a prison bus and that should make for a fun story :)

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