Monday, January 17, 2011

New skills. Well, more skills to master.

I’ve been trying to figure out what other skills I’d like to give a go at. Hoping for something that would truly better myself.

I already play one card game really well. It might be Asshole. But I’m awesome at it. Hahaha. That’s obviously a joke (though I used to be pretty awesome at Asshole back in my college days).
I thought about trying to “be able to perform at least one dance style reasonably well” but I’ve got two very left feet so it probably wouldn’t go over well and I’m not cool with being injured. Plus my moves? Already awesome. Hahaha (another joke. I’m on a roll!)

Having a stress management strategy would be nice. But I work in proposals. Lots of stress. I guess my strategy could be quit my job. But then I’d have to figure out a “how to put food on the table” strategy and I’ve got one of those…it’s called a job haha (plus, I really love my job. Stress and all).

All joking aside…

I am going to learn how to cook (it’s #56 from the list). I know that it’s a thing on my list to make at least 1 meal a month, but I want to do more than that. I want to be able to feed my family. And feed them well. Not just healthy, but good food. That tastes good. And isn’t the same thing over and over and over again. I want to be able to plan our meals out for the week (we’re getting better) and go grocery shopping with a solid list and not just things like “dinner” or “spaghetti” because while I love spaghetti it’s a meal that just doesn’t take much thought. I’d also like to get to the point where I can make more than seasoned, baked chicken breasts without using a recipe. Not that I need to make things all fancy, but I’d like to be able to make a little bit more of a variety without a recipe. I’m getting there. And this is something I’m really finding out I enjoy. A lot. Plus, my friend got me this awesome cookbook for Christmas that I think will really help me understand the cooking basics.

And an update to the one’s I’m already working on (learning to take criticism, worrying what other’s think of me, and taking things personally)

I’m good with “stop worrying what other’s think of you” which was TOTALLY evident by one night out. We went to see our friends band and I was in the mood to dance. Which is something that I haven’t been in the mood to do in um….forever. Well, 4 years. Whatever. (Seriously my brother and this jail thing messed me up. Hard core). But I was out there BUSTING A MOVE and looking terrible (because I know I cannot dance. To save my life.) BUT I didn’t care. I didn’t care if people looked at me like I was some crazy lady having a seizure (they might have. My dancing is bad y’all). I didn’t have to be surrounded by people I knew so people I didn’t know wouldn’t see me. I just danced. And danced. And danced. Yeah, the alcohol helped. But I was dancing long before I was drunk. I was out there when barely anyone was. And there were A LOT of people in the bar. A LOT of people I didn’t know. Did they stare? Yeah probably. Did I care? Nope. Did I think about it? Not until the next day when I realized I hadn’t had that great of a time, or let myself loose like that, in a really long time. Sunday morning I realized? I was back. And I feel great.

Also, I think I’m doing pretty good at not taking things personally. So much. At least I think I’m doing an ok job. I know I’ve got some things I could probably still work on, but those little things that used to really bother me and make me cry (seriously, they would. I was a sad, sad girl) don’t any more. I know that people aren’t leaving me out, or making fun of me, or saying things specifically to hurt me. Well, maybe they are. My point is that I don’t really care. But like I said, there are still some things that I need to work on and I’ll get there but I feel really good about where I am now.

I think the criticism one will follow with the taking things personally. I’m doing better. Especially at work. Which is good because I’m learning new stuff at work and I’m having to take some criticism, but I’m not a nervous ball of wreck like I would have been even last year. I’m hopeful. But I do think it’ll be something I struggle with for a while.

So there you have it. I'm going to learn how to really cook. And I'm feeling more and more like myself. I think I'm really making strides. And I'm really happy about that. I'm really glad I put this on my list and I'm glad I used it to better myself.

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