Thursday, May 26, 2011

Apple Blossom: Carnival

We did so much stuff during Apple Blossom that they won't all fit in one post. Well, one really long one but I'd rather break them up so I can post more pictures :)

Thursday night Steve, Lauryn & I went to the carnival. We quickly discovered that we're a little old for carnivals. The place was full of teenagers because school's are closed on Friday for the festival & parade (I wish I went to HS out here haha) and apparently even though it was chilly we missed the memo that you're supposed to wear little to nothing. The other half of the people were parents (our age-ish) with small kids. And honestly there weren't all that many rides for the little ones.

We basically walked around until I found fried oreos. Which were amazing. Steve grabbed some actual food, but I wasn't wasting space in my stomach for real food when there was fried junk food all over the place!

We played a game but I feel like we got jipped because I hit three balloons with the three darts and got a "level one" toy but for five more dollars I could have three more darts to try again. We stuck with our small stuffed animal and headed on our way. Only to be harassed by the other game people. My goodness they can be ruthless.

After some walking around we got more food. This time cotton candy. And some more lemonade. Since we had walked the whole carnival, eaten more junk food than we needed, played a game, won a crappy prize, and rode zero rides we headed home.

Even though we didn't ride any rides we still had a great time. And we'll probably go back next year. Because I love carnivals :)

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