Wednesday, July 13, 2011

His love.

And it isn't baseball. Or me.

Well ok it is. For both.

But his car love? Is definitely his father's Corvette.

And sadly for him it's up for sale. Which means he'll never inherit it. Which he was so totally hoping to do.

But he did get the very rare privilege of not only driving it but bringing it home because he was taking it to show someone that was interested in buying it. He came home with it that day and we actually had to go out to eat. And by out I just mean to Taco Bell. Which is one of the further fast food places around. So, ya know, he could show me how awesome it is (I think that part of him was hoping I'd be all wow this is super cool we should just buy it. There wasn't one part of me that thought that. Sorry babe!)

Before he left the house to take it to his friend he had me take some pictures.

To him this is sexy.

To me? It's just a car. With one very happy husband.

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