Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I hate having a garage

I mean, I love it, but at the same time I hate it. Because it's gross. And there are usually bugs in there. And it's full of crap. Crap everywhere. And I'm the only one that ever cleans it.

We never really got around to doing anything with the garage stuff in our house. It was in the garage, but it was mostly in boxes. We used it, but we couldn't always find everything. Which means we have several of everything (I think I found 5 hammers and half a dozen screw drivers. Both types.)

A couple of months ago I started cleaning the garage. We had a nice day, Steve had baseball, and I had this storage thing my parents gave us. Which they intended to go in the backyard. But it is huge and needed to be hidden in the garage.

So I put it together. For one to get the box out of the backyard & for two to do something with all the crap in our garage. That we actually used. Just out of boxes. I didn't actually take a picture of the garage before I started. But you'll have to trust me. So full of crap. This storage thing was pretty much the only storage stuff I had for the garage so it was the only thing I got around to that day.

There aren't any shelves in this thing, which is kind of annoying, but at the very least this got the stuff out of my garage so I could figure out what to do next. And next came at the end of June. I was busy. Apparently.

For Father's day we gave the dads (and Steve) tickets to the Beer Festival. So while I had the day to myself I finished the job. Well, I use finished loosely because that stupid pile of wood is still there so it's limiting what I can do. And our Bowflex is still in the garage. Because the basement isn't finished. Or clean. So again, limitations.

Even after all the cleaning I did in March it was still bad. Why do things just go to die in the garage? Don't know what to do with it? Put it in the garage.

We still have SIX freaking bags of sand from when we did the patio. Why they did not get returned with all the rest of the bags I will never know. So they're in the garage.

Tools, empty boxes, wood, more wood, baseball stuff, a tarp, extra piece of drywall or two.
It's all here. In our garage.

Bowling ball, more tools, a bike, more baseball stuff, yard crap.

It took me a little over 2 hours to go through all of those piles of crap to figure out what is what and what goes where. I had originally bought that I wanted to use for the storage closet, but when I got it built it didn't hold my tubs so it was only a temporary solution. Until I figure out what to do with it. And then it hit me. I needed shelves for the garage and I have this shelf that I wanted to do something and TA-DA garage shelf!

It's a little on the cluttered side, but I do want to get another one I just haven't bothered yet. I can get to everything on those shelves, but I'd be lying if I said there weren't tools in our basement too.

The wood is all clear except for that tarp. Because honestly I don't know what else to do with it and I can't fold it any smaller.

I even swept the floor. And I hung up our rake, snow shovel, and broom on the wall that the trash can sits next too. On the small outside wall by the garage door I hung some hooks and hung up Buddy's leash, poop bags, and a few grocery store plastic bags for misc. trash uses.

I'm really proud of myself. And now that I know where all of our tools are I can get to crafting. I've got plenty of wood ;)

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  1. Good job! I love my garage. I keep it neat and clean. We use our blower and water hose to keep our garage clean. I'm a little crazy about it I guess. I hate when neighbors don't park in their garage because its full of junk.