Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photo 365: 193 - 213

Wow. It sure has been a busy couple weeks for me. So busy that I haven't been able to keep up with my little home on the internet. I'm 20 days behind on posting my 365 photos. Twenty days. Things have just been craaaaaaaaazy. Mostly it's been seriously crazy at work. I haven't been that busy at home because work really sucked the life out of me - and my free time - for a little over two weeks.

And I promise that next time I won't post 3 weeks worth of 365 photos. Mostly because it took forever to get this post together...but also, that's a lot of photos in 1 post ;)

Day 193

4th of July.

Day 194

I really just liked the way I looked this day ;)

Day 195

Mmm...homemade burgers! And also the first time I ever cooked on a grill by myself. I was pretty proud of myself for that one :)

Day 196


Day 197

Pretty sky.

Day 198

I have this thing for the sky.

Day 199

We totally made hot dogs over the fire pit. And they were amazing.

Day 200

Frog swimming in our neighbors pool.

Day 201


Day 202

Told you. Obsessed with the sky.

Day 203

Happy puppy taking a walk with mommy :)

Day 204

Peach picking with the rents :)

Day 206

Sonic Chicago dog. Best hot dog ever. I need to go to Chi-Town now. For sure.
....and yeah...it might be just for the hot dogs. but whatever :P

Day 207

Bath time + photobooth app = still not happy puppy! ha!

Day 208

Oh look. Another picture of the sky. Betcha didn't see that coming ;)

Day 209

Sushi takeout.

Day 210

I love country roads.

Day 211


Day 212

Much needed wine party with my ladies.
...and it was such a good night we even popped open a third bottle of wine.

Day 213

Packs. Dreamsicle + vanilla swirl. AMAZING.

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