Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photo 365: 179-192

Well. It certainly has been a long time since I updated my little spot on the internet. I can't say I've been extremely busy, but I guess busy enough that I haven't had time. This Photo 365 is going to be two weeks worth of pictures because it's been that long. What's been up? Well we started P90X. It's hard but I love it. We celebrated a birthday for Steve's mom; I caught one of Steve's baseball games; we worked in our flower beds; we had a date night; we celebrated the 4th of July; we partied it up with our friends; we actually agreed on paint for our main level and went out and bought it because there was a good sale & an extra discount. Lots of doing and not a lot of relaxing. But still good times were had.

So here's two weeks worth of pictures!

Day 179

P90X Day 1.

Day 180
Pretty sky.

Day 181

Birthday cake with awesome candles.
We didn't have a 9. Cause Steve's mom is usually the one that buys the candles haha.

Day 182

Enjoying the sun on the patio :)

Day 183


Day 184

New hair.
A whole heck of a lot shorter than I was imagining but I really dig it so that's what matters!

Day 185

New flowers & mulch!

Day 186

Flowers out back!

Day 187

We literally have a gaggle of geese at the office. This is only about a third of them. And they freaking looooooove to hang out in the parking lot. And shit all over everything.

Day 188

Post 181 Rangers baseball.

Day 189

He really loves laying in the sun. And I really love taking pictures of him :)

Day 190

He was running around playing and then he found a shady spot under the tree to hang out.

Day 191

Applebee's lunch with the in-laws. It was yum & the company was excellent!

Day 192

Three of my walls look like this - but with different colors.
I'm just glad we settled on colors. And I totally won ;)

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  1. I love all of these, but my favorite may be the sun picture #183. It's just awesome.