Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Clark County Fair

This summer we attended the Clark County Fair. The whole fair lasts a week but we were only able to make it to one day of the fair. Next year we'll definitely be going to more of the events they offer, but this year I was able to see my first Tractor Pull. And it was freaking cool. It definitely was a country event and if I learned one thing it is that I am totally a country girl.

We wandered around the fair grounds and took in the atmosphere.

There were rides. Though we didn't actually ride any but they are cool to watch.

And fair food! I searched long and hard for this cart and I was super excited when I found it. You better believe I enjoyed all 5 of the oreos I got!

Fried oreos! Yummy!!

We visited the animal exhibits. Most of the horses were shy, but this guy had no problem soaking up all the attention he was getting.

They had baby goats. And they were so cute with their tiny little horns and cute little faces.

My favorite was the baby chicks. They had an exhibit showing off the egg to chick cycle and that was pretty cool.

The ducks were cute!

The tractors were really cool. These guys definitely only use these tractors for pulling events.

There were also some trucks there. And again, you could tell they were only used for pulling events. And these guys took great pride in their tractors and trucks. It was definitely a cool event and I'm looking forward to next years.

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