Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo 365: Day 293-297

Hello all! Here I am not getting behind on my Photo 365 project. Go me! I've had a great week and I hope you all have too. We recently celebrated Yom Kippur with Steve's family by breaking the fast at our house. Steve was very excited about being able to celebrating a holiday at our house. I was excited because it meant all the yummy leftovers were at our house. For days. And I indulged for days! Buddy had a hair cut and bath this week. He was not excited about that. Sucks to be him because he really needed both. He slept through the hair cut which means he's finally back to normal after we figured out he's got hypothyroidism and he lost most (almost all of) his hair. He still gets lots of baths to keep his skin under control but overall he's doing so much better. Who knew 2 pills a day could cure my baby! We've had a couple nice days so I had to capture them. Of course. And we finished off the week with a happy hour at Friday's! And it was happy. I'm missing the latter part of this week because I got a new computer and I haven't quite gotten everything all off the old one to the new one so I'm posting what I have on my external hard drive.

So here you go, last week in pictures.

Day 293

the ultimate Jewish meal. Well, to me anyway. Bagels, lox, tomatoes, onions with a side of white fish and salmon. Can you tell we recently celebrated Yom Kippur?!

Day 294

The guy knows something is up. But he's not sure what.
It was a hair cut and a bath.

Day 295

Its like he thinks he's being punished with bath time.

Day 296

Gorgeous day.

Day 297

Friday's Happy Hour.

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