Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vacation Day 1 and 2

I'm going way back to August for this one. We took a week off, that didn't revolve around baseball, for the first time since our honeymoon. It was amazing. We both so very much needed a week off of work to relax and reconnect.

We hit the road mid-day Friday afternoon. Luckily for me I can work on the go thanks to the broadband card so this gave us the ability to beat the traffic heading over the Bay Bridge. And it worked! Our 4 hour drive was just that. A 4 hour drive.

Check out this traffic....er, the lack of traffic. On a Friday, heading over the Bay Bridge, during the summer.

Buddy kind of enjoys the ride. Well, at first he was nervous because we packed bags and he wasn't sure if he was going to wherever Steve and I were going. Once he realized he was going he was excited. And then it was longer than he was expecting and he was bored.

We made a pit stop to stretch all of our legs and it was quite welcomed. However, Buddy decided he wasn't going to have any water while we stopped no matter how much we tried. I even brought a bowl for him!

Once we were back in the car he decided he was thirsty. And our water bottles were perfect and exactly what he wanted. So I had to give him water out of the bottle. Of which he drank the entire thing! It was quite the site.

We pretty much just relaxed and unpacked the night we got there. But we were up and ready to go on Day 2! We explored the island. And it made me remember just how much I love this place.

While we were driving around we saw these scooters and Steve wanted to rent one so bad! So I said why not! And we rented one for an hour - which was plenty long enough to explore the tiny but oh so beautiful island.

We had lunch at a place I'd never been before. After all these years, I love knowing that I can still find new and great places in my favorite place.

Later that night we hit up the Fireman's Carnival. Which is another favorite memory of mine from my childhood. We went every single year. And it was always so much fun. It definitely made me miss my brother, but it was still really fun to spend the evening there with Steve!

It wasn't quite like I had remembered. Actually, that's not true. It looked exactly like I remembered it. But that's because the fair grounds are permanent ha!

We played a couple games and only rode 1 ride before my stomach said enough! But still it was a fun night and I'm glad that we were able to accidentally time our trip just right so we could make the last weekend of the carnival!

After the carnival we headed back to the house to hang out with the pup and relax for the rest of the night! We certainly were on the go all day but it was really a lot of fun!

Stay tuned for day 3 and 4. And 5 and 6. And 7 and 8. Basically, this week is all about our vacay.

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