Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 365: 275-292

After this post I'll be all caught up with my 365 photo posts. I'll start doing regular posts next week so you won't be reading posts about just pictures. Though the next few things I'm probably going to post about will contain pictures but at least those will come with a story!

Day 275

Yard sale! We got rid of so much stuff I was so excited!

Day 276


Day 278

Gorgeous day for a trip to a winery. And to celebrate 2 little girls :)

Day 279

Sleepy puppy.

Day 280

My husband is amazing. He brought me pie home as a surprise one day.
Seriously. Amazing.
And the pie was good too :)

Day 281

Pretty sky over the neighborhood.

Day 282

I'm not really sure what kind of wine this is but it's red and kind of carbonated.
I'm not usually a fan of reds because they're too dry but this was sweet enough for me.
Day 283


Day 284

It's fall! and now my house accurately reflects that!

Day 285

More fun odometer readings!

Day 286

Another really cool sky. I love my Retro Camera app.

Day 287

My amazing morning snack.

Day 288
Nice day = walk with the puppy.

Day 289

I love my puppy!

Day 290

Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yum!

Day 291

In need of some serious cleaning. And a change of seasons.

Day 292

Peach wine. A little taste of summer on a fall day.

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