Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photo 365: 265-274

UM. I'm already at Day 274. Out of 365. I mean, I know that we're actually a few weeks past that 274 day mark, but I can't believe we're down to less than 100 days until 2011 is over. That just blows my mind.


Wanna see some pictures? I know I haven't showed you some in a while haha

Day 265

He wants something. Something he shouldn't have. But thanks to my mother he is in love with.
Wrapping paper.
Only my dog.
(actually please tell me it's not JUST my dog...please...)

Day 266
This lion gets more action than anything or anyone I know.

Day 267

Birthday boys presents laid out for the morning.
Just like my mom used to do to me.
It's much more fun to be on this side rather than the one that has to stare at her presents for a day.

Day 268

You're 29 and I'm not.
But I still love you.

Day 269

Birthday shots.
Apparently I was definitely under the impression we were celebrating my birthday.
I did not enjoy the next morning. At all.

Day 270

I might not have enjoyed the day after we celebrated Steve's birthday but I definitely enjoyed my breakfast. Eggs Benedict. And apparently you can add on pancakes to any meal you want.
And yeah, that's chocolate milk. Which is the best hangover cure ever, btw.

Day 271

On that lion.

Day 272

The neighbors got a new pet haha.
And yeah, the zoom on my phone is amazing.
No way I got this close in real life.
And I even killed it after I took this.
With poison spray of course. Because again. No where near this thing.

Day 273

I have never been more excited for nice days than I have this month.

Day 274

I have more random odometer pictures than necessary.
But I have this thing with number patterns.

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