Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo 365: 307-313

This was kind of a boring week. The McRib is back which makes this my favorite time of year. It sowed here this weekend. ITS OCTOBER! I don't really understand what that's about but I was not pleased. I threw our neighbor a birthday party this weekend - so much fun! I finally got around to cleaning out our office - it looked like a tornado went through there but now it's clean and you can see the floor and desks and everything! Also, how is it almost November. I can't believe I've got about 50 days left of this project which means that there's only about 50 days left of the year. That is mind boggling.

Day 307

After work snack. Nutella and bread. YUM!

Day 308


Day 309

I got to sit behind accident clean up for most of my morning commute. It was amazing. Considering if I had been 3 cars ahead of where I was I would have made it passed before the rescue squad got there.

Day 310

Nice day. I'm going to miss these.

Day 311

What?! You don't make random Rice Krispie Treats on Friday night. Hum. Seems like you're missing out. haha.

Day 312

Snow. In October. Ridiculous.

Day 313

I ran some errands and as soon as I got home and sat down he was all up on me to make sure I wasn't going anywhere else.

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  1. You should have been thankful it was you that MISSED the accident! :)
    And pretty sure we do random nights of rice krispi treats in this house too!!!!
    Your pup is so cute :) Lilly does that with us too. SO sweet!