Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo 365: Day 298-306

This week was full of pumpkin picking, long walks with Buddy to squeeze in every bit of fall we can, crafting, a new computer (woo!), and a spontaneous trip with Steve to Ashland to help out at a tournament he was running - which was way different than going with a team that's playing in the tournament.

Day 298

Pumpkin picking!

Day 299

Fall front porch.

Day 300

Taking advantage of every nice fall day we can while we can.

Day 301

A little crafting to make a new fall wreath.

Day 302

Come. To. Mama.

Day 303

Testing out photo stream and who doesn't love pictures of the pup!

Day 304

Maple Butter Blondie. Amazing.

Day 305

Fruit salad in a bowl. Or Sangria. Same dif.

Day 306

Gorgeous day to be at the ball field.

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