Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting crafty

I've been doing a lot of crafting lately. We had these flowers out front and they looked really good - and got really huge! Sadly, I made the mistake of buying annuals so I knew they would die as soon as the colder fall temps starting showing up. I figured I'd try to save them, but was having a hard time finding pots that I liked. So I decided to make some - well, paint some, because I can't actually make clay pots.

I bought some pots at Home Depot and painted a base coat with some leftover paint we bought samples of when we painted the kitchen. I used what was supposed to be our sun room color, now turned our guest bedroom color whenever we get around to painting that.

Since I cannot draw anything freehand to save my life I bought some stencils from Michael's. I went with birds and flowers. I bought some bright colored paint and went to town.

I painted two pots for both of the flowers we had out front that I wanted to dig up. After they were all dried and had pretty little pictures on them I went to town digging up and potting the plants to display proudly in our kitchen.

Sadly, the plants are already dead because either they were really meant to die in the fall or they did not appreciate being dug up and repotted. They looked pretty while they were in the kitchen though so that's all that counts I suppose.

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