Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh hi there.

So yeah I went MIA again. It's like my thing. I do have some things on my very long blog to do list....but apparently you have to make time for that. And that is something I am bad at. I would say I'll try to get better, but I say that every time. And then I do ok. And then I disappear again. Like a magician. But not nearly as cool.

Either way....we went on a cruise in February (which I will actually post about, it was so much fun). And then... this happened.

So cruise in February = BABY in November! We're due November 6.

We're over the moon. We've been trying for a while, and apparently all we needed to do was hop on a boat with some booze and make the most of our days at sea ;)

And with that you can at least expect updates on a fairly weekly basis. I've got a couple I'm going to fire off right now because I've been saving them, but then the updates will go to a weekly thing.

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