Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 23

How Far Along: 23 weeks! Only 17 to go!!

Size of baby: She’s the size of an ear of corn!

Measuring at about 8.5 inches and weighing it at about 1.5lbs. And according to one of the pregnancy emails I get she should be doubling her weight in the next 4 weeks. That’s crazy, but amazing at the same time.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m up about 20lbs at this point. I feel like that’s a lot for still having 17 weeks to go, but we’ll find out on Friday if the doctor is ok with it. It doesn’t look like I’ve gained that much, but I definitely feel round

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. Even with all that weight gain I can still fit in my regular clothes – with the exception of my shorts which is super since it’s summer and it’s hot and I want to wear them but I did pick up some maternity shorts so that’s nice

Gender: BABY GIRL!! Movement: She’s on the move a lot more, but she still doesn’t like to show off so whenever I lay my hand on my belly (or when Steve does it) she stops what she’s doing. She is definitely my stubborn child haha.

Sleep: I’m getting ok sleep, I really hate sleeping on my side but it is what it is. I still wake up once or twice a night for the bathroom but I’m able to go back to sleep right away so that’s good.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach. I’ve always been a stomach sleeper and this sleeping on my side business is for the birds. Plus my hips are so sore so that makes it extra fun.

Cravings: I’ve had a thing for fruit lately where I just can’t get enough. Big change from the needing cookies or candy all the time. I also have really wanted pizza the last couple days.

Aversions: Nothing at this point. Anything is fair game!

Symptoms: I’m feeling pretty good overall just some soreness in the hips from sleeping on my side but other than that I’m enjoying being pregnant.

 Labor Signs: No thank you!!

Belly Button in or out: It has its moments but it is certainly on its way out. Though I have been saying that for weeks so maybe it won’t actually come out, but with 17 weeks left I highly doubt I’m not going to end up with an outie.

Wedding rings on or off: Band on, engagement ring off.

 Best moment this week: Laying in bed in the morning feeling the dance party in my belly.

Looking forward to: Doctor’s appt on Friday and hearing her heartbeat (hopefully!)

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