Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vacation Day 5 and 6

We spent Day 5 of vacation driving around the island and doing a little shopping!

We stopped at a few of my favorite stores. I didn't buy a whole lot, but that's not always the point of shopping. Especially at the beach. I have thousands of souvenirs from this place from all periods of my life. And I bought a couple things, but nothing extravagant. It was more fun window shopping and getting to spend all this quality time with my husband!

At the pony center they had several ponies from the previous month's festivities (they do a whole month long festivities around the pony swim - the swim, carnival, auctions, etc.)

The pony center does lessons for kids and stuff but I mostly just like to see them and take pictures of them. Buddy really enjoys them and we were supposed to take him back by there but we (this time I mean Steve) "forgot."

Later that evening we took Buddy by Mister Whippy! He likes going there because they give out treats to any dogs (cats too maybe?) the go through the drive-thru. So of course we had to go through the drive-thru which was incredibly hard for Steve because he got a cone and that's not so easy to eat while driving. But he managed. Because he rocks. And also because it's truly a small town so going slow and steady through town isn't minded one bit.

We spent Day 6 at Ocean City. I was really excited to hit the boardwalk and get fries, and ice cream, and pizza and to take in the sites and do a little more shopping.

We wandered up and down the boardwalk doing a little shopping along the way. Steve was on the hunt for sunglasses and I was on this kick for sundresses. We found sunglasses for Steve. And the deal was so good (2 for something) and I found an amazing pair that I had to get one too.

Even though I mainly wear my Rx glasses I decided to splurge on these beauties. And then I found a sundress to match because hello! I had to look cute haha.

Steve was excited to hit the beach because he'd never been to the beach at Ocean City. Really, he'd never been to Ocean City, MD before. They always did Rehoboth growing up so Ocean City was new to him. We went early in the day so the rides I was hoping to watch (not ride, because they are really kid rides, and clearly after the carnival I had learned my stomach and junk food and rides did not mix).

We had a really nice day walking up and down the boardwalk spending the day together and enjoying each others company. I also enjoyed people watching. And trying to figure out if at one time I looked and/or acted like the teenagers on the boardwalk.

Later that night we took Buddy for a trip to the island so we could get a beach umbrella because we'd be hitting the beach the next day. Buddy and I hung out in the car while Steve went in the store and Buddy took that as his chance to get behind the wheel and pretending to drive ;) After that we just hung out at the house resting our weary legs after all that walking and resting up for our big day to lay around on the beach!

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