Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 34

How Far Along: 34 weeks! With 6 weeks (though if you’re basically anyone to look at me you will say that it’s less because I will definitely be having this baby in October… guess we’ll see!)

Size of baby: She’s the size of a large cantaloupe. Measuring anywhere from 19 to 22 inches and weighing in at about 5.5 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was up 34 pounds at my last appt. I go again on Thursday and expect to be up two more pounds because it seems like I’ve been gaining about 1 pound a week at this point.

Maternity Clothes: Absolutely – I did try on some non-maternity jeans from my closet and they fit with my band so that’s a cool addition to my wardrobe. I’m trying to stick with either loose fitting non-maternity shirts so I don’t stretch out my regular clothes or just maternity shirts. As long as I’m comfortable I’ll wear whatever I can.

Gender: BABY GIRL!! Movement: She’s definitely an active baby. She is on the move a lot during the day (rolling around? I have no idea what she’s doing but I wish so badly I could just peak in!). She moves A TON at night or when I’m laying down. Kick count usually takes less than 10 minutes to get 4. The only time she doesn’t move? When I’m at either parents house because they want to feel her so bad. Stubborn should be her middle name!

Sleep: I get sleep, but it’s not great or anything. I’m up every couple (2 or less) hours to pee and I’m definitely uncomfortable and sometimes I just wake up sore.

What I miss: Comfortable sleep; being able to get up with ease; not being sore all the time; seeing my feet; not having to pee every 30 minutes; being able to eat a full meal; eating anything and not getting heartburn. But I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world!

Cravings: Oreo’s. I have started calling my weight Oreo weight haha! Aversions: Nothing…except being comfortable apparently.

Symptoms: Aside from everything in the what I miss category I have noticed I tend to get some swelling in my right foot. A little in my left, but a lot in my right. It’s weird to have one swollen foot, but the weather has cooled down a bit and I’ve been wearing pants so you can’t see my weird feet at least. I also am unable to wear shoes; it was really cold one morning so I decided I’d wear shoes to work instead of my flip flops and I got one on (my left, unswollen foot) and it was pretty difficult to get that taken care of but I was half way there…until my right shoe wouldn’t go on because my foot was so swollen. That was definitely a disappointment since I had gone through so much trouble to get the other one on just to have to take it off. So I wore slippers to work and put on my flip flops when I got there.

Labor Signs: Nope. Having some Braxton hicks contractions, but after some water those tend to go away.

Belly Button in or out: It’s out. Definitely out.

Wedding rings on or off: They’re both off. I did find another ring that I had that fits (it’s too big regularly but now it fits my pregnant fingers) but I kind of gave up on wearing that too because it’s still a little too big so I’m just not worrying about a ring at this point.

Best moment this week: We didn’t spend all weekend away from home so I was able to get some stuff done around our house – like cleaning! I reorganized our kitchen cabinets to make room for bottles and bibs and stuff. I also did a deep clean on our middle floor. I might do another one the week or so before she’s supposed to come but we’ll see because I still have a list a mile long that I want to tackle before she’s here. I also put together her swing and it looks so cute in the living room. It has one bird sound setting and that’s kind of funny to put on and see Buddy’s reaction because he can’t quite figure out where it is coming from. I’m trying to get him used to all these new things little by little so he doesn’t freak out too much when she gets here.

Looking forward to: There’s a huge consignment sale this weekend that I want to go to. I’m not sure we need a whole lot of stuff, but I really want to go so I’m going!

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